Welcome to NiumeYoga

I fell in love with yoga after my last pregnancy. With three small kids I had to find some peace of mind and yoga seemed to be exactly that what I was looking for. As a beginner yogi I very quickly understood the importance of basic good quality equipment which is YogaMat to keep my Downward Dog in the right place. On my standard mat i always felt there is too little space for me, that I need more.. That resulted in designing Yogamat that is wider and longer than the average one so that you can claim your space more easily. I believe yoga should be accessible to everyone, and a good quality kit should be affordable. 

Bearing in mind the above and caring for our planet, I decided to create a Yoga brand, offering classy, eco-friendly yoga mats and accessories. I focused on quality and comfort of use and sustainability. That is why our mats are made from natural rubber and other natural materials. I chose that material because of grippy properties of it but also because it’s biodegradable and protects our planet.

I designed yoga mats covered with microfiber suede for Hot Yoga or Vinyasa lovers or for those who want to get deeper muscle engagement, mats with pro grip covered with PU layer that gives excellent grip from the first moments of practice and mats covered with cork which is known for antibacterial and antistatic properties and gives the smoothness of transitions in sequences during the practice.

Moreover to show our commitment to sustainable development, we decided to plant a tree on each mat sold and we want to get involved in ecological projects.

We hope our products will give you some freshness in your yoga flow, will make your practice special and unique and we hope you will enjoy them.